Here are some vitamins that I have found have worked for me in a short time.

A good multi w/lotta B vitamins (I take's
one a day formula)
Biotin (Jarrows 5 mg)
MSM (1000 mg in morning, Jarrows powder- this
interferes with sleep if you take it at night but
really works)
Silica (55 mg- World Organic)
Zinc (look at what you get from your multi, you don't
want too much -15-30 mg total cuz too much
is not good)
Magnesium (It take about the RDA)
Evening Primrose Oil (1.3g)
Fish Oil (1000 mg)

I added all of these because I read they help with hair loss. I am beginning to see the beginning of growth.

If I was only going to have a few of them I'd go with: multi w/B vitamins
fish oil

for hair loss.

Hope that helps.