I have had two Global Keratin treatments myself and they have been awesome. However, the thing with this type of treatment is when it is done by your stylist it has to be done 100% correctly. With bleached hair it is CRUCIAL that the stylist not blow dry your hair on too high of a temp. or straighten it with a straightner set above 325-350. My father is a hair stylist and his salon offers this treatment. I have highly foiled hair with high lights and low lights. I constantly change my hair so I have damaged, thick, resistant hair. We used the formula for resistant hair. Like I mentioned before, when it comes to the blow drying and straightening part of the treatment the temperatures are so important. The heat will literally fry hair, which is what I'm assuming happened Your best bet is to leave it un treated ( no chemicals, colors, etc) and try to condition as much as possible. I would suggest continuing to use the GC Serum with Juvexin and/or argon oil. Hope this helps