Yup, I did RAGBRAI in 2008. So much fun! Have you ever done it?
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I'm afraid I have not indulged! I have pretty advanced arthritis in my neck (still in my 30s too) so that makes biking more than half an hour a day pretty much crush the nerves to my arms. They came through my town a couple years ago and it was quite a sight and I kind of wished I could shake myself loose from work and go along. The organizers actually tried to order everybody on the route to plant red geraniums in their front yards so we would look like a good "Norman Rockwell" small town. Ha!

I hear it's all about the pie. Funny, I thought it would be all about the blisters. There are some lovely parts of Iowa and you really have to be on the back roads to see them. The modified school buses some teams have really crack me up. Not only because they're painted bright colors and have goofy names and hilarious bumper stickers/signs, but because the rest of the year I see them parked on old farmsteads and I can only imagine the mice and wasps living in there. Maybe some raccoons...

RAGBRAI hasn't even been around so long and yet we've already had the official announcement of the route and I see people out training for it (or else the triathlon). It's such a big summer event. Glad you got to go and had a good time.