I'm small-tall.

Gap is great for having a lot of sizes, they have 00 tall which is like scarecrow size, 6'2" and 100 pounds or something ridiculous like that; and also have the petites and regular in all sizes. Eddie Bauer annoys me because they start tall at MEDIUM not small, Levis does something similar, they have long inseam but only starting at size 6.

I'm 5'9 and 135, and in Gap wear the 4 regular, or 4 tall in pants (but hemmed to 33"), and small-tall in the tops, they do have XS in everything.

I think you might try Gap petites because they do run tallish in everything. I think the waists are getting higher again - or you could do something similar to what I do & buy the regular length and hem if you are longer waisted.

Also I like Express, those editor pants are great.

I don't really have trouble finding styles in the junior dept, though I usually hold out for tall sizes now so tend to buy from gap instead. I just stick to the "plain" sort of thing, solid colors, sleeker lines, and away from anything frilly, fussy, etc.
ETA: I did lose some weight last year, now hovering at 125, still a little over 5'9", LOL. Gap is still the best place for me to find stuff that fits; I am usually wearing a 2 there in pants now, sometimes 4, my butt is about 35" or 36" and the Gap sizes do go down to 00, even in the tall stuff.

What is funny is that I have old size 6 pants that fit the same as new size 2. They keep re-centering the Medium as ladies get bigger. That's why they need the double-aught.
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