Why the heck is a new post with no useful info rated five stars? Huh?

OK, on to your issue: How much have you read on this site? There's lot of information on how to handle build-up, dry hair, frizz, etc. Do some reading, forum searches, look for threads on the issue and that should give you pointers, right off.

If you want useful answers on THIS thread, give people information:

Pics of your hair would help.
Description (detailed) of what you have been using to wash, condition, style, and how.
The water in your area: Hard? Soft? Dunno?
Anything pertinent that might help people clue in.
What is your hair history (did you relax, use chemicals, dye, use blow dryers and flat irons, still use some of these?)

Normally, if hair is dry and frizzy, it's gonna need moisture or moisture and protein in some way. If it's greasy and looks like it has build up, then build up needs to be cleared away. There may be somethign in the products you are using that your hair does not like and that's why you need to list these so folks with similar experiences can help.

What are your hair properties? If you don't know, google Live Curly Live Free, click on hair basics on that site, and figure it out. It helps people target your answers better.

Best of luck...
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