Ha ha I showed my daughter both of these because of the Charles Boyer reference.

"It's not just a spark. It's a flame. A big roaring flame. I can feel it now. It is burning, burning..."
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wow i didn't know he was the inspiration for Pepe Le Pew! crazy!
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You can hear him talking here:
YouTube - Algiers - Hedy Lamarr & Charles Boyer
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LMAO! I don't know why this has flown over my head all this time. I've seen several of these movies too, most recently Gaslight (I love TCM). His voice reminds me a bit of Jean Reno(Leon/TheProfessional)

YouTube - sting - shape of my heart

speaking of sting, i looooooove this one

YouTube - Sting - Englishman In New York
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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