I just got a call from my dad.....his sister-in-law, who inherited the family land from his brother, just sold all the timber. I almost collapsed when I got the news. She is in her 90s, and some guy from the logging company has been pursuing her relentlessly for the last 2-3 years, calling her endlessly, driving all the way to her home in D.C. from time to time, finally showing up at her house with a check for some unknown sum.

She never had hardly any contact with any of us.....nobody has seen hide nor hair of her in decades. My dad, his sister and the rest of us have lived here all our lives...my dad keeps everything cut down, mown and maintained. My dad owns the land our house sits on but SHE owns the rest. We were one of the only land-owning Black families in this area for a long time when the norm was for Black people to be sharecroppers....why did it even pass down to HER and not the actual family???

The entire landscape in all 4 directions will be completely razed, so my dad was thoughtful enough to call me and my sisters in an attempt to prepare us for the shock when we come to visit. He himself had no idea until he saw logging trucks appear at our house.

I have 35 first cousins on my dad's side (just to give an idea of how many family members there are)....yet I know nobody will even bother to try and buy the land back to perhaps stop this.

I just can't.......

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