My dad called me back because he's worried about us....

...word is getting back to the siblings now and they are (understandably) very upset. My "aunt" swears that she told the man (company rep, whatever) to discuss everything with my dad in person before she made a final decision, and that he came by my parents' house a couple of times, but no one was home.

We think that actually DID happen because he described to my "aunt" what their vehicles looked like, etc. She swears she tried to call my dad many times about this, but could "never get through". I'm like "WTF number were you calling?" My parents have had the same telephone number since I was born 40 years ago.

My dad came home from work one day and there was a chaos of logging trucks, busily cutting down all the trees. I can't imagine the shock he must have felt.

He says he is going to look into the whole land issue over the next few weeks and see what he can find out. I wish the family could all get together and purchase it, just so it would be out of her hands for good.

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