That's awful sinistral. I can't imagine what that would be like.

Also, those poor trees. Are the company just wanting the wood? What are they going to do with the land when they've chopped all the trees down? Move on to the next vulnerable landowner?

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They just want the wood

They leave the land to just......sit. It looks HORRIBLE after it's just done. So messy. Just acres and acres of devastation.

Even as it regrows, it looks awful because among all the young re-growing trees is an awful lot of weeds and brush. It takes a while for it to get back to the point where you can walk through it w/out a machete.

Sometimes they "re-seed" what they've done.....with pine trees. All pines. Not even different varieties of pines, it ...just the same type of generic pines.

Eventually my entire county back home will have NO other tree varieties growing....except pines. There might be a few odd birch/oaks left in peoples' yards.......but nowadays I've noticed that people clear out the entire plot of virtually all greenery before they set up their mobile home/build their house. They'll just have a lone building sitting in the middle of nowhere...not even any flowers or bushes. What's the point of even moving to "the country" if it's just barren dust and fields???

My dad's neighbor is familiar with the logging company and he says at least they have a good reputation with reseeding. I guess.

There are areas back home where they cut them all down, re-seed, and years later when the trees get tall enough, come through and cut them all down again.

It has gotten a LOT worse in recent years. And yes you are right---they just move on to the next landowner. My dad and uncle say that 1 truckload of trees is about $1,100....and that my "aunt's" check was probably for no more than $7-$8,000....that's for 25 acres of forest that's never been cut in mine, my dad's, or his siblings' lifetime. And my dad's the youngest of 13. She said it "sounded like a good price"--YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT SOMETHING LIKE THAT COSTS!!! HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT "A GOOD PRICE" WOULD BE?!? She really got shafted.

Thanks for the encouraging posts because I am truly having a hard time with this. And it helps to vent about it here. Everybody else I know will think "they're just stupid trees".

There were turkey, deer, owls, raccoons, and fish b/c a creek runs through the back part....all of that was just as much my HOME as the actual house was. I spent just as much time out there as I did my yard. My dad used to make traps for fish and crayfish in the creek, hell that creek practically fed us. He used to find tons of arrowheads as a kid, and I've found some myself. It's not just a really deep connection to just ME but to all the family, for all their interfamilial problems. My sisters are just as upset as I am which makes me feel a little better.

I'm trying.....trying not to judge but her being a b*tch by nature, and what she did to my sister, does not tip the scales in her favor. I'm working on school assignments right now, so it keeps my mind occupied.

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