I am a french curly girl (3a type), i've never relaxed it and have always embraced my true nature, yeah ! I love my hair even if :
- I lost quite an among of them the last years, they used to be quite many and voluminous now they are less like that, although more than average
- they used to be curlier before than now (maybe the length, I don't know ! I used to have 3b type, now I'm 3a
- When I put NO products on my hair, they are simply frizzy and quite wavy/straight without any definition so I can't simply walk out without products or I look like a caveman !

So I love my hair, even I've learned that they need so much care and special products. I've abandoned the idea of just washing my hair and letting them air-dryed and that they'll look perfect : this thing is impossible for me !
I've recently planned of trying the "plopping" drying way, if you have special instructions and advice, I'm here !