Ok. I am officially at my wits end. I BC'd a couple of weeks ago, best decision of my life. I'm still working on establishing a working regiment. Right now I co-wash 3x a week, add Cantu Shea butter as a leave in, and a little Africa's best mixed oils. DC once a week. From reading the boards I've purchased other products to try, still waiting on them.

Now here's the problem. I have the 'kinkiest' hair ever.Seriously. It's like a tightly coiled carpet on my scalp. The only time I see any 'curls' is when I pull one hair out and squint at it. When I BC'd, I didn't plan on using any combs, but I look homeless when I dont. It hurts like heck to pick my hair even slightly. I usually do my own braids, this weekend I realized my hair is too short for me to braid it myself (scream).

I have to do something about it. I dont want any permanent chems so I guess a texturizer is out? I tried 2 curl activators, all I got was white, still carpety hair. Whats the diff between s-curl and jeri curl, what do they do? Pros, cons... What should I try? Please help, it's driving me crazy

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In my arsenal: HE Hello Hydration, IC fantasia, Africa's best Herbal Oils
Dying to try: KC Knot Today, KCCC, Ecostyler