I have been thinking about cutting all of my hair off for some time now. I love pixie cuts and think they are absolutely adorable and sexy. I can never get the courage to go through with it though when I get to the salon. I need some advice about how it would look on me and if I should go through with it. Last summer I chopped of 10 inches (that I donated to Lock of Love!) and it was the shortest its ever been. Near as I can tell I have 3a hair, it can get frizzy depending on the weather but nothing I can't manage. I also have a pretty roundish face.

I have an appointment in a week and need some advice soon!

Here is a link to a flicker account I made with pictures of my hair.
Flickr: mandifish's Photostream

This is sort of what I want my hair to look like.

Thanks so much for your help!! Love you all!