I don't know how it would look, but just ask yourself the question- am i willing to go through manymanymany cuts in between growing it out & years of not having the hair you want? (obviously i'm jaded by these problems!)

i didn't go pixie short, but when i cut from long to short people asked me these questions & i pretty much said "yep, i'm ready". i had no idea the journey it would take me (2 yrs now). it's been worth it, i think, but super frustrating now that i want long CG curls.

food for thought!

-Mostly 3A, though wavy if not enough moisture (like when I lived in CO.).
-High dew point gives large ringlets, though smaller & tighter coils at neck.
-Med. texture, high density, normally porous?
-sulfate free, silicone free baby!
-searching for good stylers (but can't purchase living in China! must wait till summers to buy in US)