Has anyone else experienced this?.....

I got my full size bottles of SS & CJ products! yea!

I use the SS CEJ/FHG combo yesterday and had nice soft looser looking curls that held all evening.

Then today I used the FHG alone and had a ton of tight boosted curls and spirals that held all evening. Seems to work better alone I guess, I'm not sure why, the only difference in ingredients is the CEJ has the sea salt and agave nectar and the FHG has the polyquat-4, but for some reason I get more curl boost from the FHG. Anyone else tried this and had the same thing happen? My curls are tighter than with the CJ combo of CIAB/CQ even.
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Last summer I used the FHG alone quite often. Someone else (sorry, I can't remember who it was) had posted about using the FHG alone just as of it was a curl cream. It worked great and when the dews got super high, it still worked great with a tiny bit of harder hold gel on top.

The ingredients in the FHG and CEJ are in a different order and there could also be a difference in the amounts of ingredients. Shantelle uses dead sea salts and Jessicurl uses magnesium sulfate - I don't know exactly what the difference is, or if there even is one, but that could explain the frizz factor. I also think the oils in the Jessicurl products caused my hair more problems than the magesium sulfate. I get frizzier and dryer feeling hair with a lot of oils.

Question - do you use a LI when using the FHG alone?
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