Today I used FHG over MD Curly Styling Cream and it came out great. Soft bouncy curls and little to no crunch to scrunch out! I like using just CEJ over the MD CSC, too, but I do have stronger curls today with FHG.
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I might check out the MDCSC. Just checked the ingred's and it seems to have lots of oils/butters. Does this product serve as a leave in and curl cream, much like CJCCCC?
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Yes, I use it as both a leave-in and curl cream. MD products are very moisturizing so a leave-in with it would be too much, at least for me. My hair loves butters; not so much oils but the CSC seems to work fine for me. I haven't gotten weighed down at all; in fact, I get plenty of volume, and no greasy or oiliness at all. kathymack has lots of MD samples to play with. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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