My hair does the phone cord thing, too. In fact, that's what my kid's call it. I have also noticed that I start out with a spiral curling say toward my face it goes for a bit, does the C thing then reverses direction to spiral away from my face. I even have some that don't do the C thing but stay "tight" and suddenly start spiraling the other way. What's funny is that I just figured this out a few weeks ago. I can "correct" it if I twist out my hair when it's wet.

Brio- I've always heard that if you have red or gold tones in you hair that means you're a warm. However, wioth blue eyes, you would probably look best in "cool" colors. I have never figured out the season thing either.
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I've always had some "phone cord" curls, but it just seems to be more prominent now that it's cold. I can't even seem to correct them.

Oh well, it won't be winter forever. It will be hot & muggy before I know it and my hair will be boing-ing back to normal again (I hope!). Maybe it because it's getting longer and just a stage I'm going through.

Yeah, I think I'm probably cool, but I think I look better in yellow jewelry, which is a warm trait. I'm just in a state of confusion today.

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