GMTA ! I just got a bowl of cereal and came here to see how everybody DT's as I don't usually do that. Hubby is working today, I'm fixing to go through my hoard of products to see what I might put up on the Swap Board and thought I'd DT while doing that.

I received a face mask as an extra goodie in a sale from Laurabeth and am going to use that as well I think. Which, btw, I happened to see at Walmart and wow have they got a wide variety of selections! I'm going to pick up a few more.

We'll probably go out later, but I think I'll DT and just use some GF CnS conditioner as my leave-in mixed with a little of the matching leave-in creme and see what my hair does. I picked up 2 bottles of Body Envy last night as I had a coupon for $3 off 2 HE products and I hadn't tried the BE yet. So, I might try that for tonite and give the BE a test run .
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