CIBC, if you were that happy and feeling good about yourself last summer, the chances are you are just reacting to your life situation and going through a very rough patch. There are some people who are never happy and never feel good - they just don't have the capacity - but you do. So when your situation changes, you'll be happy again. Something's gotta give!

I know what you mean about falling asleep really late and getting up late when you were used to getting up very early. It's a bad habit that I have fallen into also, although not quite as late as you. You sound really depressed.

For the time being, have you thought about taking some sort of job that isn't what you want at all - and maybe something you haven't considered? I'm applying for reception jobs which will pay 1/2 of what I was making before - if I'm even lucky enough to get one. I have an interview for a reception job Sat. though a friend, but even though my voice is much better, I'm not sure it's good enough for reception/telephones. It's OK for other stuff but on the phone you can really hear the hoarseness. Oh well, I'll just hope for the best.

Wishing you good luck, as always and reading your posts each day.
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Thanks so much, cp.

Honestly, right now, I am open to just about anything and anywhere. (Am considering looking at other cities...DC, Boston, even San Francisco...thinking of places I already have friends/relatives stationed.)

The sick part is, part of me keeps wishing that this past summer never happened...that I never experienced all that "greatness" because now I'm just even sadder and more longing that it's all gone and I feel so bad about myself.