Beebop, for your CIAB/CQ combo how much of each are you using? And how are you applying each - both mixed together, applied separately? I haven't tried this combo yet.
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I apply directly out of the shower soaking wet, one quarter to fifty cent size of CIAB on the back half of my hair then one more quarter/fifty cent size on the top/sides of my hair, rake & scrunch through Then about a nickel to quarter size of the CQ to the same areas X 2, rake and scrunch, then plop for about 5 min. in microfiber turban, then diffuse to about 90% dry then air dry and maybe diffuse a little more if it isn't quite dry or if I'm in a rush and then SOTC.

I'm not sure which combo I like better, the SS and the CJ results so far are very similar, especially when I use the FHG alone it is very similar to the CIAB/CQ combo maybe even a little curlier. I would love to use more natural products so I'm leaning towards the SS but I think I would still keep at least the CQ around for extra hold for certain occasions like humid areas or high wind days....Let me know how it works for you, although have such beautiful hair everything looks good on you! By the way your pics from 2/6/10 with the SS CEJ/FHG look sooo curly and great! I don't think I saw a pic with the CJ products?

I was looking at the SS ingred. like you and Melaniesusan talked about and maybe it's the order they are in or the aloe vera powder? Don't know how diff. that is from the aloe vera juice? I know I don't get frizz with the FHG at all but I do with the CEJ and with plain old FOTE.
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Thanks, Beebop!! I tried the CIAB/CQ combo this morning but I've going to have to try it again. I'm always doing something that I know good and well I should not do. I used leave-in which is ok, but then I decided to scrunch as much excess water as possible out before putting in the gels. I was running late and wanted to be able to dry faster. BIG MISTAKE. Plus, I think I used way too much of the gels. It didn't look bad, though, so I think if I do my routine like I normally do, it will be a pretty good combo. Based on today, though, I liked my MD CSC + FHG combo yesterday much, much better. I don't even know why I did my hair again this morning. It looked so soft and pretty right out last night's pineapple. I do this all the time, too - get all excited about trying a new combo instead of leaving well enough alone until it needs to be done.

I usually don't get frizz from the CEJ but like melaniesusan, I use quite a bit plus I always use a leave-in underneath. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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