When I use FHG alone I get much stronger spirals. I combine it with the CEJ when i want looser curls and waves. CEJ always loosens my curls, I'm not sure why.
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Funny how it does that! I wonder if our hair doesn't react to the salts normally? I actually got frizzy from Jessicurl products.

Your hair is so pretty by the way! You look like you have a stronger curl pattern than me, but I guess our hair reacts the same to SS, glad to hear it's not only me! By the way I like your hair style...do you have a lot of layers?
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Aw, thank you! I do have quite a few layers, some long and some short. I look terrible with one-length hair. I get super triangly.

And yeah, Jessicurl products didn't work for me. I don't think i have a mag sulfate sensitivity, but I might have one to the dead sea salts because I've been unable to use it without the FHG.
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