Gibber-Let me know how the UFD curly magic works for you...mine is drying in my hair right now. Also I just recently started plopping off and on and I think it seems to help my "curls find their families" or "clump" together better than if I plop first then apply, but then I've tried plop first, apply and then scrunch and plop again and it seems to be fine too, I may give it a go without plopping after and see what happens...I always wonder if I'm wasting so much product thats soaking into the towel. For some reason the MD miracurls didn't work for me, I think I tried it twice, loved the smell like I love the smell of KCCC but neither one works for me, too much of a learning curve. I'd say if your happy with the MD CSC & FHG stick with it because those are all natural and your not putting nasty chemicals on your head! by the way, how do you pineapple without getting a dent in your hair from the material covered scrunchie? My hair gets a big dent and looks crazy!

I looked at the ingredients of the MD CSC and it reminds me of all the butters in my JC N&S which I have to use sparingly because it makes my hair oily and stringy, doesn't sound like you all have this problem with the MD CSC though but my hair gets weighed down so easy and didn't do well with the CCCC lt. that maybe they are too heavy and rich for my fine hair?
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Let us know how the UFD curly magic worked out for you after it dries. I'll let you know how it works when I get around to trying it. I normally always put my products into soaking wet hair and then immediately plop. I've tried plopping first and then applying gels; it just doesn't work for me. Neither does scrunching out all of the excess water with a towel before applying products like I did this morning. I never have done well with scrunching my hair with a towel after applying products, either; my curls don't seem to stay together as well when I do that.

I use very stretchy large fabric scrunchies when I pineapple and I make sure to put it on the very top of my head. I only wrap the scrunchie around my hair a couple of times so it's loose but tight enough to keep my hair up all night. I never get dents.

I never had much luck with the CJ CCCC, either - too heavy for my hair. I usually can't use pomades or anything like the JC N&S, either. I get nice soft hair with the CSC, though, and still get plenty of volume. My hair doesn't feel oily or greasy at all with this. I do always put it in my hair in the shower as soon as I turn the water off, so my hair is soaking, sopping, dripping wet. I also just got some samples of the MD Yogurt Smoothies but haven't tried those yet. From what I remember when looking at the ingredients, I think the Smoothies have more oil in them, so I don't know if they will work as well for me as the CSC. We shall see. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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