I've been wearing my hair in braids for the past 8 months, redoing them myself every month or so. I spray with water, then apply giovanni leave in, finish with bio infusion olive oil moisturizer everyday like clockwork. My hair was at 5" and now it's at 8 or 8 1/2 at some places. I think ur hair grows when you leave her alone. I gave myself a goal a challenge for one year to really focus on growing my hair and so far so good. Good luck with yours
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I agree that if our hair is left alone, it grows the most.

all you do is breath. People hair grow at diffrent rate you just gotta BE PATIENT and keep doing what your doing, growth comes with time.

Also a PS to get your mind off of growth before you know it your hair will be sprouting
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I also agree with patience. It was a hard lesson for me to learn but I'm currently learning it.

Naturally coily, 4a when wet, 4a and 4b when dry and loving it. Low porosity, Medium-High Density, Coarse/Thick textured
It's my hair and if people don't approve they should take it up with the creator, not the creation. : )