How did it come out?

I wasn't using much of the MD CSC at first, either, because of the same concern, but it works great for me when I use more.
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Much better now that I used the proper amount of the MD CSC. And the FHG over is great! I had some crunch but that is fine with and my hair seems to hat crunch when others do not. Nice volume and curls-even some up near the top which always make me happy. Thanks for sharing this. I did not use a leave in and I used a light rinse out too.

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Glad it worked so well for you! Have you tried the MD Peaches Soft Curl Cream? I should have some of that waiting for me when I get home. At least tracking said it was delivered today.
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I only have one other MD product-the red clover leave in. I have not found that to be wonderful for me but I will continue to try it out. Maybe I was not using enough

I have found that some of my conditioners I was using were too rich for me along with my styling products being moisturizing. I just picked up some samples sizes of lighter conditioners or 'detanglers'. Today I used Paul Mitchell The Rinse. I really liked it. I need to be more aware that CJ conditioners are very moisturizing and along with moisturizing stylers my hair was getting sooo overconditioned and I never recognize the issue for about a week. I also picked up Paul Mitchell The Detangler. I like that I can try these products because Ulta always carry the travel sizes.

I am hoping that the Donna Marie Miracurl Curling gelly I picked up in the fall will work this spring/summer-too much glycerin for low dews here in fall/winter.
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