Mark is wonderful! And he is so right! The key, though, is eating well for your body's needs. Once you do that, you can have fun with exercise because it won't be something you "need" to lose weight anymore just to keep you healthy. You can sprint, play, lift weights and then take two or three days off to rest or just go for a walk, and you'll be fine! It's amazing! I've dropped 8lbs in three months following his eating plan and having fun. My workouts right now consist of about 4 sprints and walking every other day...takes about 10-15 minutes, and I'm done!

Now I do want to be more tone, so I'm going to add in weightlifting for fun. However, it is no longer a necessity to me to lose weight faster...push myself harder to "burn the fat". I don't have to worry about injuries because I can go at my own pace. My body knows how to burn fat now without a lot of chronic cardio.

But like I said, if you want max results, you need to follow his eating plan. Basically whole unprocessed foods...meat/veggies/nuts/seeds/some fruit/fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon grease. No grains. Grains are the worst...this includes rice and corn.

Trust me, though, after a week you won't ever miss them. The cravings go away, and you're just happy and healthy.