i agree with all of the comments above. I would try the following: 1. spritz hair in the morning with water, li and glycern to combat the dryness.
2. use the baggy method. if possible sleep with a shower cap on your head as often as needed.
3. in the morning seal hair with an oil. try an light oil like grapeseed or maybe an heavier oil like olive oil. do this as often as needed.

if the activator is causing a white film you may be using too much or it might not work with the other products your using. I have problems layering products because i have a heavy hand when it comes to application so i pre-mix my products in a bowl first and then apply it to to my hair.

also try a styler like KCCC or ecostyler gel for a little definition. but beware if you use too much of any of these products you will be left with a white film and/or crunchy hair.

good luck. the journey can be long and frustrating at time but it is well work it.