I probably will never support a Republican for president, but this will be my first time since I began voting (2004 - I was eligible in 2000, but didn't care at that time.) that I will not support a Dem. I likely won't vote at all. I'm disappointed in Obama, and in Congress, too. I was ambivalent toward him in the first place, and didn't think he'd do anything. I don't think anyone can "save" us from bad economic times, but I think he could've done more on some issues that were under his control.

Romney is the only candidate that appeals to me out of the Republicans so far. I'm lately more conservative on economic issues. On social issues, my main one is that I'm a strong environmentalist - I see a new side to it. Romney comes from the most progressive state, environmentally, plus I believe if we take people off SSI (not everyone) that don't belong on it in the first place and stop showering people with food stamps like it's Mardi Gras, maybe people will stop having kids they can't afford. Our governor is doing this in Ohio, and it's one of the few things he does that I support. Yes, I do care how many kids people have when I have to pay for them, and natural resources are decreasing and rising in price. I work for a lawyer who does bankruptcy, and recently a woman came in who has had a heart issue since birth and claimed she couldn't work, yet she has two kids, that she is getting govt. money for. I definitely don't believe in doing away with SSI, but we can't support everyone and thrive as a country! We are competing against countries who have a survival of the fittest mantra, as life was designed to be.

Therefore, this Democrat is keeping an open mind in this upcoming election. Romney makes the most sense, IMO, because he has the business sense to make cuts in the right areas, not take scissors to everything like my gov. is doing. I do think a Republican will have a hard time beating Obama. States like OH and FL, huge battleground states, are regretting electing Rep governors in 2010.

I think it will be a Pawlenty-ish Republican if we elect a Rep. For some reason, anyone running from the northeast is assumed to be a closet liberal (though as I said above is a positive to me). People in the midwest and south generally care about gluttony, money, doing nothing or worse, doing stuff they can't afford - they're largely dunderheads, essentially (Sorry, but it's true.). The Mormon factor is an issue too, but most people I hear from would rather have someone who believes in something, who is seen worshipping at least semi-regularly rather than someone like Obama who is half-hearted at best about his religious views. *That is not my opinion,* but the general feeling relayed from my fellow midwestern dunderheads. I personally don't care about a presidential candidate's religion unless extreme views start coming out, or he/she starts oppressing people with religion.

What are your feelings about Romney, and do you think he can win, regardless of your stance?

I meant to add a poll, but I guess I can't now. I'll add one here:

Would you support Mitt Romney for President, and what is your opinion of his candidacy?

A. I'd vote for him, and I think he'd beat Obama.

B. I'd vote for him, but I don't think he'd beat Obama.

C. I wouldn't support him, and I don't think he'd win (against Obama.).

D. I wouldn't support him, but I think he'd win (against Obama).

E. I'm not voting and don't care either way.

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