Hi Chloe,

Actually, I don't think this HAS been answered a million times over for people with 3a/3b hair. I have the same hair type as you, and got the Coppola keratin last night. I had searched for about a week on this site for specific answers/pictures of the results for people who have 3a/b hair, and couldn't find anything. (I did hear, over and over, that the Coppola treatment apparently doesn't work for people who have 3c or 4 curls--but that's not our hair type, so that information is irrelevant.)

I took a "before" picture, a photo last night immediately after the keratin treatment, and will take another "after" photo once I can wash it (Saturday afternoon or so). I hope this will help people who have questions about the treatment for our specific hair type.

Now that it's the next day, I don't think my hair feels any softer. It didn't burn my eyes or anything like that, and in fact it had a kind of pleasant coconutty smell--so the process itself wasn't too bad. (Also, the stylist who did mine, here in NYC, is extremely fast--I was done in 2 hours, not the standard 3. My hair was washed twice with clarifying shampoo, then blow-dried. The keratin was painted on, then blow-dried again, then flat-ironed--with two irons, working separately. Much quicker than I thought!)

Hope it went well for you!

hey guys its chloe,

today im getting the keratin treatment at my local salon, and i have 3a/3b hair. Im really scared. Like im unsure on how it will look in the end... will it be like 2c? 2b? and do you know how long will it last? and any specific products?

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thank you so much. yeah i just got it done and it took 2 and a half hours.
im nervous to see the results and my hair is super smooth
so far im loving the results.

keep me posted <3