Eurgh people in London just annoy me.

They are so rude. Pushing past you and knocking you out the way to get through the ticket barrier before you.

And then I had to deal with some drunk middle aged business men harassing all the women trying to get into the first class area on the train. Who then got incredibly offending when one woman told them to knock their bs off and take his drink ass elsewhere. He has two fostered children you know. It offends him that someone would accuse him of that.

What an asshat. I heard him and his buddies talking about how a 32 year old man going out with a 19 isn't a large gap. That he could get a 19 year old if he wanted (the man is mid 50's at least) and probably younger.

Nice. Real nice.
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For some reason everyone seems to be 'in a hurry ' in London

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