In headlong flight! I'm so jealous of all of you saying you're getting your first gray hairs, or they're not coming in fast enough. I got my first gray hair at 15. Now, at 42, my stylist estimates I'm probably 70% + gray on top (that's where it started, and has slowly crept down the sides and back of my head).

My real problem with my gray is that I love hair color. It's not so much that I hate my gray, but that I like to change colors as the mood strikes. At the moment, my hair is very dark brown (my original natural color) with vibrant, deep blue chunky highlights. It'll be a long time before I'm ready to give that up!

I don't think I have the patience (or the stomach) to grow it out. My stylist (who is also my colorist - got sick of doing it myself) and I discussed it at my last appointment, and she had a few suggestions about camouflaging tactics. She's VERY encouraging about me going a la naturelle. She thinks gray hair is beautiful and that I would look fabulous. How's that for awesome? A stylist who is more than willing to give up a serious chunk of money every 6 weeks, simply for the love of hair.
3b/3a, medium porosity, slightly coarse, high elasticity, high density. CG 2004; mod CG since 2006. CG again since 4/1/11.

Gudonya Salty Dawg (etsy), SM Moisture Retention
CO: Gudonya Intense (etsy), SM Restorative, Tresemme Naturals
LI: Gudonya IHC, SMCH Milk, Tresemme Nat, Biotera LI
Stylers (current rotation): AVG/H20 spray, Eco Styler, EVCO, SMCH smoothie and mist, La Bella LoC, ORS Lock & Twist.
Homemade DTs, PTs and Pre-Poos
Love flour sack towels.
Coconut oil = magic!