I worked briefly with an Indian woman who had straight hair. Her husband had curly hair and their daughter had inherited it, much to this womans dismay. She told me that she had always straightened her daughters hair as she hated it so much. Not sure how old the daughter was or what she thought of her hair, she just wasn't allowed to have it curly. I wondered what it did for this poor girls self-confidence, to constantly have her mother telling her she hated her hair.
I think she was just a rude woman, she's the only person who's ever insulted me about my hair - walked in on a conversation I was having with another colleague about my hair one morning, looked at me and said "yes, it's awful isn't it, I hate curly hair". I was so gobsmacked I couldn't respond and my other colleague told her off. She hadn't a clue what she'd said wrong! This was only the second time I'd met this woman too, it's not as if she knew me well and knew of my obsession with my hair.