I voted before work this morning. Even though I had to wait an hour and a half, I was voting. I was rather mad that my county didn't give us "I voted" stickers because that is the whole reason I went before work!

My precint was in the Masonic lodge, but in previous years it was in our middle school. When I was in middle school, people voted in the gym while we were in classes. I think they locked the doors to the main part of the building, but there never was the safety issue like we have today.

I noticed that people were voting in a church and the whole separation of church and state thing crossed my mind, but I guess if people really want to vote, they are going to vote whether it's in a church or any other private building.

I am glad that people are taking their children with them to vote. My parents never took me and never discussed who they voted for so I felt left out. I guess they wanted me to form my own opinion, even though now we completely disagree.
My hair is somewhere in the 2's or 3's, but I have yet to figure out specifically where.