I'd have to try it on. Kind of reminds me of Cheekies' colors, only pricier. The shine part, that is.

I dislike distinctly pink blush, too. Has to have brown/tan in it to work.
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Now that I'm using it at home applying it myself, I really like it, as well as the eye colors I got.

Too many makeup people have tried to steer me to colors that they like, or have tried to steer me to something to 'make me less pale.' I hate that. I'm pale. Work with it. Don't try to change my skin color. This woman worked with my coloring, and gave me the neutral/natural-ish look I wanted but still having something enhancing there.

The last couple of days, people have noticed my eye color more, which nice. Noticing my eyes, not my eye makeup. One savvy woman did say that my eye makeup enhanced my eyes lol.

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