An old wife's tale (or not?) is to rub castor oil on your scalp. It is supposed to make hair grow in thicker and faster. I don't know about all that. I do know for a fact that this helps with a dry scalp. I had the worse dry scalp ever - flaking, patchiness and used a hair lotion w/castor oil (BB Moisturizing Lotion). Just a little at night massaged into my scalp. Totally eliminated the problem.

Something is helping my hair grow faster, but I think it is the supplements I take for PCOS - flaxseed oil and cinnamon, helping more than the castor oil. I've been using the castor oil for a long time, and the faster growth is a new phenomenon.
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Yeah, it's now the only oil I use! Dnt know about the growth but my hair is soooo soft I can comb it dry - lol!

DOPEBYDESIGN: As far as growth aides, I went looking for ya... and found this:

African American Hair Vitamins for Faster Growth and Stronger Hair

I tried their natura-laxer a while back and I liked it, it was just too small for th price. So I don't see them making a shabby growth pill. Plus, 75 reviews! Who knows?

Scalp massages are great too, to get that circulation going after you've been stressed out all day.

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