After a few months of mostly-CG, I finally have some progress.
My before pic is the one with the purple shirt and longer hair, on what used to be a really wavy, good hair day.

Then I started CG (modified in that I occasionally use a sulfate-free shampoo).
What has made a difference for me is getting a cut with some layering, as well as some of the products I have tried. I have been getting the best results with EcoStyler mixed with a tiny bit of Curl Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, raked through wet hair in the shower, and then scrunching in a good amount of BRHG and pumping/squishing it in my palms (as I lean to one side, then the other) to get some clumping going, and then I step out of the shower, turn upside down, squish a bit more, and then plop for half an hour or so. I occasionally also dry a bit using the Pixie Drying method, and try *really* hard not to touch it until it dries.

I don't have a very strong curl pattern, but with the right amount of product and on a good day, I have waaaay more curl than I ever knew was there! After years spent flat ironing my hair to make it less "poofy," it's quite the revelation to understand that my hair is wavy, not just "big."

Now that I wear my hair wavy every day, I even have people asking if I have permed my hair!
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