With that said...if I had to vote Republican...Romney does look like the best candidate, so far. But really, that isn't saying much. The other unofficial contenders seem like a joke to me...they really do.
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Yeah, I don't think the extreme Tea Partiers like Palin or Bachmann are going anywhere. For one, this country has a problem with women in power, as evidenced by the '08 election. The media is going to play on those fears AGAIN to get their man re-elected (in the case of a female Repub candidate). I was a Clinton supporter in '08, and was so totally disgusted with how the media handled the women candidates that I almost didn't vote.

Bachmann is no dummy - I have to admire anyone who practices tax law. But, she needs to brush up on U.S. history. She can't keep making errors when the Tea Party is supposed to be all about the Constitution and, apparently, bringing up historical events. I'm still unsure of what the Tea Party is supposed to be all about...

Anyway, women policians are almost always thrown into one of two piles. We all know what those are. I wish Bachmann and Palin would get better handlers or... something. They remind me of Dean - they have no self-control, though Palin is getting better with the media. Bachmann may run, but they're both probably going to end up putting their allegiance behind a less extreme Tea Party candidate. Bachmann seems quite radical for a Minnesotan.

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