Some of you might already know about this but in case you didn't I had to share. I used the recipes on the following link:

Enlightened Cooking: Homemade Lara-Type Bars (energy bars part 3)

I did a date/cranberry/cashew one and a date/cashew/chocolate chip one and I SWEAR that second one tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough. HOW?? I don't know and I don't CARE. It's so healthy and dark chocolate chips are an antioxidant, dontcha know.

My mind is racing with all the options for other combos. Next time I want to use figs and dates for the fruit base because figs have a higher iron content.

I got diagnosed with Celiac disease in January and these little things will come in very handy at social functions where I can't eat anything. Just wanted to share.
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