Hi, All:

I just got the Coppola keratin last night. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, and I HATE the way it looks--all flat and limp. I can't figure out how I'm going to get through two more days looking like this...I know some people have said that they've used clips/put their hair in ponytails, etc., but my stylist specifically said not to.

Any tips/tricks to getting through 3 days without washing? I was considering maybe a scarf, but don't think that's exactly a professional look for work...

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I had my first Coppola treatment done on Wed. Apr 20th. Just washed it tonight and it looks and feels fabulous. Even when I thought it looked icky...pin straight and waxy, everyone else thought it looked good. So don't fret...you have only one more day to go and it's worth it. Hang in there....you are the only one who notices, believe me....

My hair is between a 2c and 3a...very frizzy if I don't spent at least 45 minutes drying and flat ironing. It took me 20 minutes to blow dry with a round brush. I am delighted with the way it looks and dreading when it washes out in around 3 months.

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