I told my mom that I was going natural 3 months ago when I decided to go natural and she was completely against it from the beginning. She had given me a relaxer since I had been about 7 years old and now i'm 19. She says natural hair looks a nappy mess and that i'm just following the crowd with being natural. She said that natural hair is a fad and I don't need to follow it. In reality I was thinking about going natural at least 6 months before I did start transitioning to natural hair. Then my mom told me that relaxed hair is more versatile than relaxed hair. Do you think relaxed hair is more versatile than natural hair? What should I say to my mom? I show my mom how my hair was growing in and she still said it looked nappy. Where everyone else says it looks curly. What do you think? I''ll leave the link to the pictures here:Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket