Hi Ladies,

This isn't really a complaint but a request for suggestions. I've been a member for a little over a year, but have been coming on here for much longer. I don't necessarily post but I do come on and review different things. Like most of you, I have numerous product just sitting in a drawer that I don't like. I have considered swapping them but just reading all of these threads here have scared the living daylights out of me.

Although my life is mad crazy (full time work, full time school), I believe in taking care of my business. What are some tips in successful swapping? Is the exchange of pix and personal info not recommended? I mean, if I'm offering product, I'm not opposed to giving my personal email and phone number for someone to contact me. I would stand behind what I am sending, but I also want to be protected from scammers. I notice that several people commented they would not do swaps with anyone not firmly esablished (i.e., on the Recommended Swap list, lots of posts etc.) but that doesn't mean there aren't people out here like me that read the boards, APPRECIATE the info and mentoring and would like to get more involved. I still consider myself a newbie and don't think I could contribute much at this point.

I love this site and recommend it to anyone considering going natural. Should I just wait and establish more of a presence on here before considering swaping?

Please advise.
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