[QUOTE=Aphrocntric;1642553I have PCOS as well, and had major hair loss. I noticed significant regrowth by taking daily vitamin, biotin,vitamin D3, saw palmetto,flaxseed oil,borage oil and gse.

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Do the oil supplements make your hair and scalp oily? I've noticed an increased oiliness when I normally don't have that issue at all - in fact, my hair and scalp err toward dry. I only take a flaxseed cap every other day and I take a tbsp. of olive oil (Omega 3) every day. Omega 3s are supposed to be good for the hormonal fluctations of PCOS, but I swear they're giving me increased crampiness and swollen breasts around PMS time. They don't seem to do anything for moodswings, either. If I miss a day of them, I don't have these symptoms, is why I suspect.... I couldn't take Provera (progesterone) for this reason. My body is so hypersensitive to medicines, though.