Do the oil supplements make your hair and scalp oily? I've noticed an increased oiliness when I normally don't have that issue at all - in fact, my hair and scalp err toward dry. I only take a flaxseed cap every other day and I take a tbsp. of olive oil (Omega 3) every day. Omega 3s are supposed to be good for the hormonal fluctations of PCOS, but I swear they're giving me increased crampiness and swollen breasts around PMS time. They don't seem to do anything for moodswings, either. If I miss a day of them, I don't have these symptoms, is why I suspect.... I couldn't take Provera (progesterone) for this reason. My body is so hypersensitive to medicines, though.
Originally Posted by Aphrocntric;1642553I have PCOS as well, and had major hair loss. I noticed significant regrowth by taking daily vitamin, biotin,vitamin D3, saw palmetto,flaxseed oil,borage oil and gse.

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No, it doesn't make my hair/scalp oily, but I did notice if I miss a day taking my supplements that I spiral into depression, or I feel really fatigued. I'm sensitive to meds as well. I was taking the usual PCOS drugs, but for the last 4 months I've been trying the natural route. I feel somewhat better, and my hair is growing back rapidly. Also I noticed I lost a few pounds. I think the weight loss is from B-12 injections though. I'm not sure. I take so many supplements daily, so I'm not certain as to which one is causing the hair growth and weight loss.

Have you tried using the ground flaxseed in cereal or oatmeal. It's suppose to work just as well as the caps. Try vitamin D3 for mood swings and depression. It's worked really well for me, plus it's helped my cycle to be normal, though I still have severe cramping and migraines. If you want to know more just pm me.