Ya'll don't hate me for this, but I swear to God I was surely saying the same thing you just said a month ago, and so I decided to give Curlaway a try. If you're a 4b then you may not get curls or whatever you're looking for there, but your hair will definitely be more manageable. I don't even have to use a comb as a styling tool anymore, only finger styling!

You just have to moisturize your hair more if you're gonna try it, though. It will help your hair take in more moisture, which will make your hair more manageable and it won't be hard or hurt when you use your pick!

(side note: I done already tried the texturizers, kiddie perms, etc... all that stuff you named in your post...)

Blessings !
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What is Curlaway? Is that the brand name?
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Yep! Here are three links on it:

Xenna-Curlaway | Curlaway Curl Relaxer | Natural hair relaxer | Chemical free relaxer | No lye relaxer (their website)

Long Hair Care Forum - View Single Post - Has anyone heard of Curlaway Curl relaxer by Xenna? (someone on LHCF giving a review)

Curlaway Natural Relaxer by Ian Charles / Xenna | Crown MB (Me rambling about how I used it and how it's changed my regimen)

From their site: "Curlaway Curl Relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds in the keratin protein of your hair, not S-S bonds like conventional, high-pH relaxers."

We all know we're not using a relaxer in our hair, so if she only uses it for manageability with no blow dryer, it should allow the hair to take in more of whatever product she chooses to put on it. The only thing she'll have to do is beef up the moisture, like someone else said. I haven't used it in almost two months and my hair is just now getting back to it's kinky, knotted-up texture.

I planned on using it once a week, but now I'm gonna use it once every two months, since I only care about my hair being manageable and having less breakage. I won't lie though, my hair is a heck of a lot more manageable!

Blessings, ladies!

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