I don't think relaxed hair is more versatile I think it's more complicated. Having to avoid swimming and the rain. God forbid it rain and be humid at the same time with relaxed hair.

I think that right now you're mom is making those comments because it's new to her but after awhile seeing that you are doing this and how well you take care of your hair you might inspire her.

Let me tell you a story that sound similiar. When I was in high school I remember when boot-cut/bell bottom jeans came back into style and I was school clothes shopping. My mom would not let me buy them because she said that I was getting into the fad. Well, my dad was there too and he told my mom let her do what she wants and so my dad took me into the store and bought them. My mom was so upset that she started crying. There was a couple of times that I seen them on top of the trash. Well, after awhile it grew on my mom and she started buying them and wearing them herself.

The point of the story is is that sometimes it just takes time for people to get used to things. It might be a fad to have natural hair but who knows. But it is a lot healthier and cheaper and more versatile. Continue to read the post and you will find different ways to wear your hair.
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I agree with the versatility, I forgot about rain an all that. If I dont have an umbrella or wana go swimming, the last thing I think about is my hair

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