I have the too soft/healthy thing going on, as well. I'm with the rest of you. I love having healthy looking hair, but I want my curls. It's still curly, but it's not as curly as normal. I used my new Mop Top products on Tuesday, and my hair looked great, curly and full. Then, I used the Fuzzy Duck, full, but not as curly as it should be. Yesterday, I went back to Mop Top, and I was happy with the shine and health, but concerned about the curl. I'm thinking of trying Whole Foods 365 shampoo. It's full of bad things, but my curls might very well need those things. I'm going to give the Mop Top one more shot before I put it on the swap board. I use a tiny amount of conditioner, so it might be possible that it's just too much for my hair.