2nd USPS Priority shipping, or first class mail or whatever else option that doesn't require me to wait at home for delivery because signature is required. I used to order often from curlmart but stopped because I hate dealing with UPS. They don't leave the package because sig. is required, and can show up anytime between 9 am and 9pm (supposed to be 7, but been later than that here), and if I miss it I have to wait another day... And can't go pick it up at UPS location because it's too far from me. And every time I finally got the package they didn't even ask for my signature. All the waiting was for nothing. Really inconvenient. So now I only order from places where I can choose a shipping option. Never had a problem with any USPS delivery.

Plus, if I'm ordering only 1-2 products or small sizes there's no reason why it has to be send via UPS and cost 8. It makes more sense only on a bigger order where exact shipping would cost more.