CaliforniaWaves wrote
You mentioned in another thread that you have no frizz! I'm so impressed! What is your routine and what hair type are you?
Hi, I guess my hair type(s) would be a mix of 2's. I have lots of it, medium thick-to-thick (ponytail much thicker than a quarter) length, almost bra strap, all one length with a couple of face framing layers in front starting at chin length. my "routinr" is super-simple, I wash every 2 days with Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and follow with Biolage conditioning balm from the ears down. I leave the balm on while i shave, wash, etc., then rinse well (leaving too much residue makes my waves limp & stringy by day 2), then I towel squeeze (blot) and apply a dime size ammt of Aveda elixir leave in to the length, but nowhere near my scalp (again, 2nd day hair would look limp with the wave pulled out). I airdry and that's it. once a week I clarify with neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, but that is the extent of my 'routine. i will also DT as needed in the shower with a shower cap for about 10 min or so...longer if i've the time. I had a couple of weeks "adjustment" period, where I had no idea how to handle product-free hair, I'd leave in too much conditioner, too much leave in, not enough, etc. but once I figured out what I liked, my hair responded BIG TIME. I have never, EVER been happier with my hair (even the grays ) I have no frizz. looking back, i think the products and combination of products were mostly responsible for my frizz. I don't think my waves EVER needed product, because they look soooo good without any! and so soft & shiny. Everyone who knows me has noticed a change in my hair and commented positively, saying how swing-y & healthy it looks, rather than clumpy & product-y. To best way to describe the "transition" from product use to product-free is like how CGers explain CG, it takes time and experimentation to get the best "fit". You can't expect to go product free for one week and look fabulous whan you have been using products for's almost like you have to learn how to treat your hair all over again. Personally, the longer I went without product, the better my hair looked, week after week. The frizz was bad when I first started. this almot deterred me, until I started getting all philosophical about my hair and figured, I was born without styling products, as a child my hair was gorgeous with no styling products, I am never satisfied with my hair no matter how many or what types pf products I use, my hair is never consistent with products, I hate how products look & feel in my hair, so let's just stick this out & do a real "detox" and see what I'm left with. Had a few bad weeks!
I am so glad I did. I really love my hair. I am 100% happy with my hair now. I have 2nd day hair, even 3rd day hair sometimes. Sure, i till have an "off" day, but let me tell you, my "off" days now are 100% better than my regular days when I was fumbling with various styling products. If I had a product that made my hair look & feel better than it does now, I would use it. but that product does not exist. my hair is my hair, products will not change that for the better (MY hair...not presuming to speak for any other wavys). i hear some people saying how they don't know what they would do without their products. I never want to feel that way about anything (except maybe my family & friends) I refuse to throw good money away on hair stuff that i never use or doesn't work & ends up under my sink. I still love to experiment with really good shampoos & conditioners (old junkies die hard ) but there are 6 bottles in my bathroom now, 4 are mine. ahhhh, freedom :dance:dance.gif . I realize may people cannot have natural hair, there are many waves & curls that truly look better with some gel to define them & smooth them. My hair doesn't need that. i'm lucky that way, because chasing hair products was getting exhausting! I'm sure this is more information than you were looking for, so if you got this far, have a cup of coffee & a cookie, you deserve it!

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