My package came today, everything was intact...but my mango butter is not there....*sighs*
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So your condish's were full to the brim?
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Yes they were. and the cream (cupuacu) was over-full

As for consistency,

The Coconut Cream Conditioner is a little gritty, it is like the the texture of coconut when its not quite a liquid but no longer a solid; like bits of the coconut oil are still solid; its a bit loose for me. It made my hand feel wet.

The Hemp conditioner is much smoother and a little thicker than the ccc, honestly reminds me of oyin's honey hemp consistency and the smell reminds me of PBN Tahitian Vanilla ( i ordered island getaway). It made my hand feel soft.

The Cupuacu curl cream- is whipped and creamy. It's like the PBN cupuacu cream, but wetter because it's water based. I had it open and held it upside down for about 30 seconds and nothing came out. It made my hand feel soft.