My coconut cream conditioner was not filled either. I sent an email asking if it is known to settle otherwise everything smells wonderful!

Oh and the handwritten thank you note was a very nice touch!

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Hmmmm, maybe she didn't test out shipping it to a friend or someone before going live. Not even sure if that's something any small company does actually. Hey, it's a learning process. Great personal touches.
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Yup , in her response to me as well she said that she tested it out by sending it to family and friends. I think she just needs to 1. tape the bottles/jars, add some peanuts and 2. test out that coconut conditioner to see if its settling after sitting for awhile. I have 2 ozs of product in a 4 oz bottle OR make sure that the bottle was being filled correctly

ETA MontREALady ,I put a picture of the curl cream in Cocot thread ( product details thread), The coconut cream conditioner is very creamy and milk like. Very light weight , almost like Knot Today consistency, the hydrating hemp is thicker and creamier.

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