My coconut cream conditioner was not filled either. I sent an email asking if it is known to settle otherwise everything smells wonderful!

Oh and the handwritten thank you note was a very nice touch!

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Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
Hmmmm, maybe she didn't test out shipping it to a friend or someone before going live. Not even sure if that's something any small company does actually. Hey, it's a learning process. Great personal touches.
Originally Posted by montREALady
But see, when you don't do that ("that" is whatever you're supposed to do, before you launch a product line), you end up spending she has to ship out additional product, at her expense. You need to be very protective of your operating capital, when you're just starting out.

Folks need to slow down. I'm all about having your own and doin' your thing, but now I'm almost reluctant to order from a "brand new" company. I think I'll sit tight on this one, and let everybody else work out the kinks.
Originally Posted by NEA
She said she prepped for a year. I think what she's going through other small companies go through in the beginning. I feel you on working out the kinks first. But at the same time she needs ppl to take that chance with her. I know that person doesn't have to be you, me or anyone and we can keep our money in our pockets, lol. One thing is her products are reasonably priced and her shipping isn't bad. I'm kinda on the fence. I'm with you AND I wanna give her a shot. When I get a review on the mango butter, lol. Hope everyone is testing these out tonight! :P

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