So folks...I want to try wearing foundation again. I honestly hate it but it keeps me from touching my face (acne thing boo). I wanna know how you find the right color. I was using Maybelline Pure Makeup in Caramel/dark2 but I can't find it anywhere. Its liquid in a light greenish tube. I tried a new liquid foundation that have now but the color does not match. its lighter and made me look ashy. The darkest shade doesn't match either. Any tips? Oh, and that liquid stuff makes me look shiny. Is that normal? Lol I don't have oily skin :P

Flip flop season is upon us (almost). I heart flip flops but I hate painting my toes because the freakin polish is all chipped by day 2. Grr!!! So, is there a brand that you have tried that lasts more than 4 days? I hear OPI is all the rage but what about Essie? I'm reluctanct to spend $7 on a tiny bottle of polish but if its worth it I'm so there.

Beach bodies! What is your workout routine? I know how to lose jiggle but gaining defined (visible) muscle has been a miss. I dislike being skinny-fat. Right now I'm chunky do to several injuries and not working out. Just got back to it three weeks ago. How's your diet? I need to eat more fruits and veggies but...meh. I don't like fruit (except tomatoes).

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At war with my indestructible, armadillo hair...MY WILL BE DONE!